There are no secrets to achieving success in life and career and learning from failure and hard work are primary steps in any endeavour says Kartika Singh, our Model of the Fortnight.

Effort and persistence have been her wont since she was a teenager. She began her first job when she was 15 years of age at a hair and beauty salon in Auckland.

It was a propitious move, for today she is proud owner and manager of what she calls a ‘Vintage Salon’ a hair and beauty care enterprise in West Auckland.

Belief leads to action

“I enjoy every minute of my job and for most part, I find peace in making others feel good about themselves. I have always told myself, ‘Imagine it, Believe in it and then you can achieve it.’ It has been four years since I commenced this business and I could not have been happier in life,” she said.

Born in Fiji, she migrated to New Zealand with her family when she was just three years old. While at Waitakere College, she found opportunities to further her passion in performing arts.

A self-taught choreographer and dancer, participating and leading groups at stage shows came naturally to Kartika, who formed a group while at School.

Photo / Keethan Sundar