From academics to sporting champs, career professionals to high school students, they are 26 beautiful & extremely diverse women who share one common dream – to take home the coveted title of Miss IndianNZ 2016. And they don’t have long to wait. In less than three weeks Bollywood will descend upon Auckland’s Aotea Centre for [...]

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Natalie Nand

Auckland-born Natalie Narita Nand is an achiever with a difference. A ‘Participation and Inclusion Facilitator’ at a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), she is a specialist in community mental health support. Completing her graduation (Bachelor degree) in Science (with Psychology as a major subject), she launched her career at the NGO in 2012 and shortly thereafter took [...]

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Angela Trindade

For Bollywood glitz and glamour in Down Under, nothing beats the annual Miss IndiaNZ event. Second only to Diwali Festival in the popularity stakes, Miss IndiaNZ is a calendar highlight for multitudes of Indian-Kiwis. Produced by specialist event company Rhythm House, and supported by Radio Tarana and Indian Newslink, it is a cultural extravaganza [...]

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Mansi Patel

A Macleans College Year 13 student, Mansi Patel belongs to a traditional Gujarati family and believes that Miss Indianz would accord her the right opportunity to showcase her pure Indian culture. Mansi is in the process of completing her Cambridge qualifications and hopes to graduate in the medical field. “I am also interested in voluntary [...]

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