Growing up in a small, country town in Australia, Amrita thought it was time to break out into the big wide world as she graduated from school.

It was also time for the young woman to explore the world, learn and make a difference. Since then, she has been studying, working and travelling.

An Euro-Fijian by origin (her mother is from Fiji while her father is a New Zealander), she has what it takes to accept the challenges of a competitive world.

She visited New Zealand in 2007 and then, as she said, ‘fell in love.’

“At the end of 2015, I returned to see my father and meet my family including my sisters, who I had never met. A weeks thereafter, I decided to make New Zealand my home.”

There are times when she misses Australia but there is always enough to do here.

Amrita is a socially conscious person, a trait that came to her naturally.

She was a ‘Residential Advisor’ while at the University and helped in organising charity fundraisers and events for students. Her penchant for social service took her to the University Student Council to which she was elected.

Amrita said that her ambition is become a graduate in Law over the next few years.

There is so much of the world to see and experience, and I intend to continue travelling and broadening my horizons as much as possible,” she said.

Amrita said that she was always passionate about the entertainment industry and desired to become a model and an actress.

“I know that now is the time to make my dreams come true,” she said.