For Bollywood glitz and glamour Down Under, nothing beats the annual Miss IndiaNZ event.

Second only to Diwali Festival in the popularity stakes, Miss IndiaNZ is a calendar highlight for multitudes of Indian-Kiwis. Produced by specialist event company Rhythm House, and supported by Radio Tarana and Indian Newslink, it is a cultural extravaganza showcasing not just beauty, but also the best of Indian fashion, dance and music.

This year’s event was held at Auckland’s Aotea Centre on September 17 – dazzled the audience with spectacular visuals using the latest technology and elaborated entertainment. In fact, according to event producers, 2016 was Miss IndiaNZ’s best show yet.

Rhythm House is now gearing up to stage it’s 15 annual Miss IndiaNZ event which will be held on 16th September 2017.

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Saturday 16th September 2017
Miss IndiaNZ 2017

Produced by leading Bollywood event specialists Rhythm House

It’s got glitz and glamour. It’s got Bollywood panache. It’s even got a dash of controversy. The annual Miss IndiaNZ is a stage extravaganza.

For the past decade some of New Zealand’s most stunning women have strutted their stuff as part of a jaw-dropping show filled with Bollywood music, celebrities and Indian beauties.

Produced by leading Bollywood event specialists Rhythm House, the Miss IndiaNZ event is a definite highlight on New Zealand’s show calendar. Aimed to promote and enhance local talent in NZ, Miss IndiaNZ provides a platform for young women of Indian heritage to launch into acting, modelling and the entertainment industry on an international stage.

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Miss IndiaNZ 2016 Contestants

Contestants have participated in the Miss IndiaNZ event
The Miss IndiaNZ event is now in its 14th year

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From academics to sporting champs, career professionals to high school students, they are 26 beautiful & extremely diverse women who share one common dream – to take home the coveted title of Miss IndianNZ 2016.

And they don’t have long to wait. In less than three weeks Bollywood will descend upon Auckland’s Aotea Centre for the much-anticipated Miss IndiaNZ event. Now in its 14th year, Miss IndiaNZ 2016 will be a visual extravaganza of glitz, glamour, fashion, music & dance. A spectacular celebration of Kiwi-Indian culture, Miss IndiaNZ brings together women from mixed ethnic backgrounds to showcase their unique identities.

Produced by specialist event company Rhythm House, and supported by Radio Tarana and Indian Newslink, Miss IndiaNZ takes place on September 17 and is expected to draw a crowd of over 500 spectators, with ten thousand more following proceedings via social media.

After a traditional Maori welcome, festivities will kick off with the Kiwi-Girl round, giving contestants the chance to showcase their love of New Zealand high fashion. For event producer Swapna Parikh, this segment captures the true spirit of Miss IndiaNZ.

“Ever since 2002 we have opened the show with the Saree round– but this year we want to put more emphasis on our unique Kiwi-Indian identity. We encourage our contestants to embrace Te Reo and Maori Tikanga, not just their native language and aim to showcase not just Indian talent, but KIWI-Indian talent,” says Swapna.

“This year’s contestants come from Queenstown, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland. They have a diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds – Tongan-Indian, Kiwi-Indian, Anglo-Indian and migrants. Celebrating their unique identities is what the heart of Miss IndiaNZ is all about.”

Miss IndiaNZ started 14 years ago and since then its popularity has soared.

Miss IndiaNZ 2016

Miss IndiaNZ 2016

Miss IndiaNZ 2016 takes place on Saturday 17th September at Aotea Centre, 7:30pm. Tickets to this event are now sold out. Highlights will be posted on this website soon.

Miss IndiaNZ 2016 is presented by Sun Travel, supported by

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